GOP Caves ~Again . . . . Ba-bye Republican Party

This may be the end of the Republican Party which pretty much insures Dems win all elections from here on out unless something drastic happens. But then why have a Republican party with guys like McCain, McConnell, Graham, SUSAN Collins -ugh!? And Speaker John Boehner? What a loser! Get rid of Boehner? Would it really matter? No because the next in line will just step up and fill his spot. That’s how we got Bob Dole, John McCain, Mitt Romney. That’s why I say Ba-bye GOP.

crybaby boehner

Why he balling? We’re the ones getting screwed!

Democracy is ten wolves and nine sheep voting on what’s for dinner

We once had a Constitutional Republic, but sadly representation is long gone.

BTW Chase Bank has notified its business customers with Chase BusinessSelect Checking and Chase BusinessClassic accounts that beginning Nov 17, 2013 that deposits and withdrawals will be limited and no international wire transfers will be allowed. This is sure to cripple small businesses and it should be a blaring warning prompting concerns that Cyprus-style account gouging could occur in America.

What’s going on here?

EBT cards don’t work, Walmart shelves emptied in a matter of hours, banks instill capital controls hoping to prevent a collapse, and deposits being seized is not that hard to imagine. Flash mobs protesting deportation by ICE are now demanding that Obama extend amnesty not just to the Dreamers, but to every illegal already here in the country. His edict to Immigration Control that families not be broken has lead to entire families walking over the border and given a virtual ‘open sesame’ to America and all it has to offer at taxpayer expense. I ask you WTF is going on?

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