Here Are The Yea & Nay Votes on the Debt Limit Bill

The Republicans had already philosophically surrendered, but not before giving Speaker Boehner a standing-O. What for? He accomplished absolutely NOTHING! He did miraculously give an effort for a while, but only because Cruz & Lee faction had gained so much momentum and grassroot support they simply did not have the votes to do anything but fight. But thanks to the two-faced slime sucking (Republicans in the Senate) who started launching granades at their own party members (McCain & McConnell, Graham are some of the biggest perpetrators of this), the resolve in the senate disappeared.two-headed snake

So here you go. Here’s how the vote went on the debt ceiling; a list of the good guys and those who could care less about the American people, our country’s debt, the coming dollar collapse, the demise of America’s health care system and a giant step toward full-blown socialism in the USA.

Please use this list and this link to call or email the turn-coat Senators, especially the Republicans because had they stood strong they could have prevailed. The House came way too late to the party, but they did make the effort and could have been successful in at least delaying Obamacare had it not been for the Senate Republicans who could not keep themselves from endlessly throwing cold water on the House’s efforts.

BTW, remember all the jaw-boning about wanting a ‘clean’ CR (Continuing Resolution)? Well it was far from clean. The wife of the recently deceased Democratic Senator from New Jersey, Frank Lautenberg, gets a payment in this continuing resolution of $174,000 -despite the fact that she’s already a millionaire.

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