Trouble in River City. Utah Data Center Missed Opening & Still Beset with Problems

This is wonderful news to all freedom-loving Americans. Something’s amiss at Utah Data Center (only of of 6 run by the NSA) who’s only occupant is the spy agency everyone loves to hate (except General Keith B. Alexander and James Clapper) – the NSA.

“All data queries must include a foreign intelligence justification, period."

“All data queries must include a foreign intelligence justification, period.”

For a little background, in November 2010 authorized by President Obama, the spy agency began to allow an (unlawful and never reviewed) expansion of the Patriot Act which itself was contrary to our 4th Amendment. According to the New York Times, the policy shift meant they no longer check the “foreignness” of every email, address, phone number or other identifiers. They built the massive Utah Data Center with future expansion already in mind, which gives you an idea they don’t intend to stop the spying.

But things just aren’t going as planned (remind you of any other govt programs??) and itself lamented the cancellation of the Fall ribbon-cutting ceremony due to electric problems such as lightening arcs and meltdowns that have destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment. The Wall Street Journal reported ten incidents so far including shutdowns over the weekend and not because of the govt shutdown, either.

Everything about this except the untold vaporized tax dollars is good news to liberty-loving Americans. The Tenth Amendment Center has an idea for these government sanctioned stalkers I also like. It’s based on the fact that the NSA requires 1.7 Million gallons of water a day. Their solution? Turn the water off! The State of Utah supplies the water, but there is nothing in the Constitution that requires a state to help the feds violate your rights. Sign the petition at (right side panel) to introduce the 4th Amendment Protection Act in Utah to Stop NSA Spying. Check it out and please give Tenther Radio a listen for lots of nullification ideas.

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