The Answer to The Burning Question: Why Did HHS Chose That Loser Company to Build the Disasterous Obamacare Website?

Answer:  The no-bid contract went to a Canadian Company because President Obama is so very, very concerned about creating American jobs. Uh no, that’s the wrong answer.

The real answer:  It’s a big fat SOLYNDRA! Redux! More cronyism from the White House. Imagine that. 404-error-obamacare

This time it seems to have come from the Moo-ster. According to the Daily Caller Michelle Obama wanted to give kudos and a hell of a lot of US currency, to CGI where fellow Princeton grad and classmate, Tonie Townes-Whitley is a senior vice president. Quite coincidentally I am sure, George Schindler, the president of the Canadian-based CGI Group became an Obama donor after his company gained the Obamacare website.

Oh BTW, Valerie Jarrett’s daughter Laura and son-in-law Tony Balksoon both work for CGI. Apparently this was posted on Facebook but now is not. You know what good buds Nobama & Zukerberg are and to hell with Angela Merkel. What kind of sense of humor can she have to get PO’d for having her phone tapped?

The first time she's been proud to be an American

The first time she’s been proud to be an American

This is cronyism at its worst. The contract was $678 million and it was barely tested before it debuted. Now the administration is spending millions more to fix the mess. Throwing good money after bad, but they don’t give a hoot -it’s not their money!

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One Response to The Answer to The Burning Question: Why Did HHS Chose That Loser Company to Build the Disasterous Obamacare Website?

  1. Gunner Mench says:

    So they spent more on this contract for the website than the $500 million they took out of Medicare! That was surely efficient. Guess they needed a way to pay for it. Did you know that CGI also built the Hawaii State health care website? Wonder how that one is working? I heard that if they don’t get a few hundred thousand signed up on that program, it will fail also. Have to look back at the numbers, but I’m sure they aren’t getting the sign-ups from young, healthy people they were hoping for! Guess it’s easier for young people to vote for Hope and Change, but they won’t spend the extra change to buy into this health insurance scheme. This is definitely not a self-funding program!

    Aloha, Gunner & Elli

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