Establishment GOP (RINOs) Eating Their Own ~Again

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The Establishment Republican Party to the Tea Party

Crapping in their own nest, eating their own -however you wish to label it, they’ve done it again. Establishment Republicans are so afraid of the Tea Party they’d rather have a Democrat win than a Tea Party Republican.

Case in point -the Virginia Governors race. Where were the RNC (Republican National Committee), and all the rest of the GOP rah-rah groups when it came to supporting the Republican candidate in the governors race? I’ll give you a clue: MIA, nowhere to be seen. No money, no endorsements, no physical appearances in support of a fellow Republican who could have won. But the GOP refuses to take an opportunity when handed to them as Democrats in Virginia by the boatload are getting those insurance cancellation notices and they finally figured out they’ve been lied to too.

Conservative Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli got absolutely no help from his own party. They did nothing to counter the attacks and lies showered down on him. They did nothing to expose the “fake” Libertarian 3rd party guy who drained between 7-8% of the vote (Robert Sarvis who favors tax increases -particularly the per/mile tax & massive public transportation projects). Krispy-Cream Christy himself elected with Tea Party help, refused an endorsement appearance with Cuccinelli. He’s a moderate now doncha know, willing to work with the other side regarding amnesty and Muslims, etc. He declared Obamacare ‘the law of the land’, and took the Medicare expansion for his state which will come back to bite him when the feds quit funding it in 2 or 3 years.

Yep when the votes were counted Terry McAuliffe, the sleazeball Democrat (who outspent Cuccinelli 3:1) won the election with more votes caste against him than for him. Way to go GOP! Another win for the team, N-O-T!!

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