If They Could Walk on Water They Would, But There’s a Lot of Back-Pedalling Going on

I guess you could say the ‘walking on water’ is still reserved for his highness, the great one, Nobama. But there are an awful lot of Democrats and a few Republicans wishing they walk on water, disappear, or something to have the voters forget their past statements and misdeeds.reverse

Mary Landrieu from Louisiana is one of my favorites, saying less than 3 months ago she would vote for the Obama *doesn’t care* bill again.

Here’s a list of the vulnerable Senators & Representatives up for re-election in 2014. Please email them and tell the only thing that may save their sorry butts is a FULL REPEAL of OBAMACARE. We don’t want no stinkin’ fixes!


  1. Kay Hagan, NC  — contact info
  2. Jeanne Shaheen, NH — contact info
  3. Mark Begich, AK — contact info
  4. Mary Landrieu, LA — contact info
  5. Mark Pryor, AR — contact info
  6. Mark Udall, CO — contact info
  7. Chris Coons, DE — contact info
  8. Brian Schatz, HI — contact info
  9. Dick Durbin, IL — contact info
  10. Ed Markey, MA — contact info
  11. Al Franken, MN — contact info
  12. Jeff Merkley, OR — contact info
  13. Jack Reed, RI — contact info
  14. Mark Warner, VA — contact info

And a few wayward REPUBLICANS (RINOs most):

  1. Susan Collins, ME — contact info
  2. John Cornyn, TX — contact info
  3. Lamar Alexander, TN  — contact info
  4. Lindsey Graham, SC — contact info
  5. Thad Cochran, MS — contact info

This should keep you outta trouble for at least an hour or so!

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