What a Hypocrit! John McCain Now Wants a Full Repeal of Obamacare. Are You Kidding Me?

The GOP, establishment Republicans, RINOs, good ole boys, Country Clubbers, whatever you want to call them are a pack of self-important wind-bags and they all need to go! They only care about preserving their power and getting reelected. Hence, McCain’s GIANT flip-flop aired on Greta’s show last week. After weeks of blasting (“to think we can repeal Obamacare is not rational”) Ted Cruz and Mike Lee who tried valiantly to kick the funding from under Obamacare when it was very possible, McCain said 3 days ago on the teevee “he’s now for the total repeal of Obamacare . . . .  because “what Obamacare is, is an experiment in social engineering”. What a weasel this guy is! The wind shifted and the old fossil realized we hate Obamacare so he’d better get on board.

McCain Thumbs up

The WORST GOP Establishment offender !!

Remember all the Republican soul-searching, hand wringing and self-examination after Romney’s epic loss to the loser-in-chief Obama? The conclusion was they’ve got to be more inclusive, they’ve got to widen their appeal to more Americans, shift to the center (which means to the left), and reach out to more women & minorities (McCain is one of the amnesty “gang of Eight” A-holes).

But from where I sit, it looks like the GOP is already a total failure on any such re-do. All the GOP Establishment cares about is protecting incumbents. They had a perfect set-up in supporting Harvard Law graduate, Erika Harold, the former Miss America in 2003. But she’s black and made the mistake of running against a white incumbent in Illinois. Protecting their own (white & incumbent) the Illinois Republican party refused to give Harold access to GOP voter data making it impossible to target donors and voters. Where’s the outreach for minority & female support there? As an aside, in the recent Virginia governor’s race, the GOP abandoned Conservative Ken. His Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe won 90% of the black vote. Why because the GOP again failed in the grassroots, door-to-door politicking needed to present the conservative view point. The GOP seems to have preferred the Democratic candidate over a Tea Party Conservative.

Liz Cheney running in Wyoming against 3-term incumbent Senator Mike Enzi will not get GOP support even though she has all the stripes of a solid, conservative lady and is the sister of a gay woman. Why? Because she’s rocking the GOP ‘go along to get along’ boat. Enzi is vulnerable having voted for internet sales taxes, and for a wee bit too much leaning across the isle and growing the federal government. Good luck Liz!

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2 Responses to What a Hypocrit! John McCain Now Wants a Full Repeal of Obamacare. Are You Kidding Me?

  1. mamathews says:

    I was saddened to see John McCain’s recent behavior. I always had a lot of respect for the guy and defended him if for no other reason his personal sacrifices for our country. His latest antics in regards to Obama Care was the straw that broke the camels back. I still thank him for his service but it is time for John McCain to leave politics before he discredits himself any further.

  2. Sandy says:

    “The Byrne campaign will outspend us 10 to 1 supported by establishment political entities from Washington that want to support established order in Washington. The beltway culture in Washington has become exceedingly powerful and is self preserving and seeks to grow and thrive at the expense of everyone else. In a way, it is almost become a separate political entity from the rest of the country, far out of bounds from the limits once imposed by the Constitution.”

    This is a quote from Kevin Spriggs an Alabama campaign worker for Dean Young’s congressional run. The money poured in to keep a RINO in office.

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