Getting There Is Actually NOT Half The Fun

My husband tells me this all the time – “If you see a good fare, book it!” But me, I can never quite believe it might not get a little bit cheaper tomorrow. But it didn’t and to add injury to insult, the outbound was sold out except for first class! How bad do I want to go to this Article V Conference? But I did get a good return fare so it more or less averaged out.

Onward! The flight out of Honolulu was over an hour late with no food or cocktails flowing yet. The AC’s freezing me out and forget the skinny little blanket, it’s not cutting it. There’s a squirmy baby the row ahead of me and I don’t like the way this looking. I gotta keep my mouth shut though, because I just figured out the kid’s grandpa is sitting next to me (he’s all smiles, thinks she’s so adorable, bla, bla, bla), but watching me shiver, he’s just offered up his blanket.

And in case you’ve been saving your pennies for the culinary delights encountered in a first class trip across the water -don’t. The food sucks even in front of the curtain. Appetizer course -Hawaiian chicken salad, note to chef: chopped salad probably not the best on an airplane. Every cut edge is an opportunity for browning. Main course -Macadamia nut chicken (your teeth sorta stick together with each bite). But the dessert I admit, (described on the menu as “Something special from our chef”) was delicious! Not sure what it was, hard frozen outer white chocolate with vanilla ice cream and raspberry something on the inside. Umm, umm good!raspberry delight

Coming home in coach this time I will give kudos to Hawaiian Airlines. They feed you even in the back and it was just as good as up front -maybe better; fresh fruit, cheese & crackers with a chocolate covered macadamia nut, followed about an hour before landing with a complimentary rum punch and Maui potato chips! How good is that? I think Hawaiian is the only airlines to feed coach passengers anymore, at least on domestic flights.

At any rate, I survived and shall report on the actual conference next installment.

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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  1. says:

    I think united is the worst. Looking forward to the conference details. Xo, m

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    • Mikie says:

      Agree on United being the worst -espec post-merger with Continental. Now of course the feds have approved AA + US Air merger so we can expect the worst there too. Killing competition always breeds contempt for the consumer!

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