Still In a Quandry. Is An Article V Convention The Way To Go, Or a Huge Risk?

With stars in my eyes I ventured into what was slated to be an Article V Convention at the State Capitol in Sacramento, the purpose of which was to produce a documentary to show Americans this particular feature of the Constitution -a second method (Congress aside) of amending the Constitution.

The State Capitol in Sacramento is beautiful and though it was very cold (avg daytime lows, 33°) I’m glad I went for the experience if nothing else.State Cap- Sacrmento

Unfortunately it was not at all well organized. I started to get a clue when the person in charge told me he was hoping a few videographers would show up and donate services (he’d allotted 50 of the 200 conference spots dedicated to production/media/support types). On reflection, I am sure he’s never even planned a B-day party! Long story, short SEVEN people total managed to wander in by 10:30 despite an 8:30 registration time! All from California, except me, and overly weighted on the left end of the spectrum. The usual suspects: a couple of attorneys, admitted life-time activists, two wanting to reform education (whatever that means) and of course the environmentalists.

The consensus was that the federal government is way out of control & the belief that corporatists (crony capitalists) have the clout, money and the ear of the pols and therefore the control of most of what goes down in Washington.

On that basis, these are the only 3 proposed amendments we all agreed on:

  1. Constitutional Rights shall apply only to individual human beings.
  2. Money shall not be construed as speech protected by the Constitution.
  3. Congress shall make no law applicable to an individual citizen of the United States that is not equally applicable to all members of Congress, the Judicial branch and the Executive branch.

From there it went south from the perspective of the only conservative in the room (me). The rest of the proposals were in the vein of ‘Persons or groups shall have legal standing before the Courts to protect nature; Abolishment of capital punishment; Term limits for the judiciary including the Supremes (I’m in favor of this), but no term limits for Congress! Their reasoning being they didn’t want to micro-manage Congress (why not?) nor risk losing someone like Bernie Sanders, a self-avowed Socialist!! And as with any group of lib-tards, the line between Constitutional Rights and basic human rights (the right to good nutrition for all preschoolers) is a very blurred line.

So what’s the answer? I don’t know. Couldn’t we all just follow the damn Constitution? It would make life so much simpler. Here are 2 thought-provoking articles:

The Article V Convention: Discussing the Reality v. the Fantasy

New Threat of Constitutional Convention

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