Please Quit Saying It’s Only Three More Years Because The Entrenched Bureaucracy Doing Daily Damage, Survives Obama

Get a clue. He can and will do a lot of damage in the next few years. He’s hired private counsel John Podesta, the consiglieri (bringing in the muscle as Rush Limbaugh says) to get more aggressive in his 2nd term, especially since his star is fading with more and more Americans. Podesta’s marching orders are to assist Nobama on a more aggressive focus using executive authority to circumvent Congress in the final three years of the administration. Think comprehensive immigration, higher taxes at all bracket levels, but especially the top end, and more global warming climate change initiatives. All equal opportunities for more redistribution of wealth.

Yeah, we may live through the next three years but there’s still the entrenched bureaucracy that lives on. For example, the EPA still has a few more industries yet to gore with their rules & regs, fines and impositions. The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, to give another example of bureaucracy run wild, has tapped the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to collect “voluntary” cheek swabs (DNA) & blood samples for “safety” reasons checking for prescription drugs or alcohol at check points in various locations around the country where local police are hired to intimidate motorists with flashing lights and a show of force and then subjected to thuggery from the federal government. To hell with the 4th Amendment, yes the same one shredded by the NSA every day.

What country is this?

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