The Budget Deal Axes Military Retirees’ Benefits Over Cutting Waste

There is no shortage of low hanging fruit so why does Congress keep gutting the military and maintaining so much obvious waste? So the next conga line of politicians has some empty promises to make when running for election? I really can’t answer the question.

Senator Tom Cobburn, R-Oklahoma has just released this 4th annual Wastebook of questionable government spending and it’s enough to turn your stomach. Get a load of where your hard-earned dollars are going:

  • $278,000 in pay and benefits to Ft. Hood terrorist, Major Nadal Hasan before his guilty verdict, though the DOD has yet to pay out death benefits to the Ft. Hood victims’ families
  • The State Dept. spent $630,000 to buy fans on Facebook & twitter
  • $1.7 million to the Senate Office of Education & Training for “lifestyle training” for staffers, including the benefits of a good nights sleep
  • $65 million of “Superstorm Sandy” funds on tourism related commercials
  • $17.5 million in tax deductions to brothels in Nevada (a nod to Harry Reids hard work no doubt)
  • $18 million to NASA for a bedrest study
  • A million dollar Superstop in Arlington County, VA. A bustop with heated benches & sidewalks and wireless computer zones
  • $7 billion spent by the Dept. of Defense to destroy more than 170 million pounds of useable vehicles and other military equipment in the Middle East rather than sell it or ship it home
  • Billion paid in Earned Income Tax Credits to prisoners, dead people, illegal immigrants and others

If this isn’t enough, click here to see the entire compilation.

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