Criminals on The Bench

Who is right and who do we believe and most importantly, who will prevail? Judge Leon of the DC district court who less than 2 weeks ago ruled that the NSA spying was “likely unconstitutional,” (why not show a little more definitive passion sir?), or District Judge William H. Pauley III in Manhattan who contends that there’s nothing to worry about, nothing unconstitutional at all. Hat-tip Tenth Amendment Center. Crime scene

Bottom line:  Do NOT count on the federal court system stopping the federal spying program are almost ZERO. Oh sure, Nobama appointed his special panel to report on U.S. surveillance activities and falling right in line with the dog ‘n pony show, the panel recommends “limits” on NSA spying but the selfie-President has also said recently that

“The NSA always acts appropriately.”

Like the Obamacare rulings which came down with split decisions regarding its constitutionality in the federal courts, this too will go to the Supremes. Will Chief Justice Roberts right his earlier judicial fauxpass? Does he get it yet? Who knows. But here is what can be done in the meantime:


1. Get the model 4th Amendment Protection Act for your state (pdf):

2. Contact your STATE representative/assemblyperson AND State Senator. Strongly, but respectfully, encourage them to introduce the act for your state. A phone call is much more powerful than an email. Or do both. Contact info HERE.

3. Join the coalition. Are you part of a grassroots group? Encourage your group’s leadership to sign on in support of the coalition here:

4. Get Flyers to help spread the word!

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