We’re Headed Toward An Unruly Society of the Elites Lording Over Us Pagans Clawing For Whatever Crumbs They Toss Our Way

A very recent Gallup poll says a record high of 42% of Americans self-identify as independents and another poll in Sept 2013 said Americans (41-42%) are more conservative than at any time since 1952.

Then what the hell explains Obama being reelected & the Democrats dominating?

Why do conservatives just sit there a take it? They must not be showing up to vote -of course with serial RINO candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain & Romney who can blame them? Conservatives just want to be left along to live their lives. The left on the other hand is constantly agitating and nudging their agenda and they own the schools, media & entertainment. Check out this Kindle Reader commercial ever so slyly (pay attention at the very end) advancing the gay marriage theme.

The sleeping giant is awakening as they see the culture dying. The knockout game? The great sport of mostly black thugs cold-cocking innocent white victims. Conservatives are starting to get a clue. I’ve always said we were better off with Obama than McCain because it was a bitch-slap. McCain would have turned down the heat only marginally on the boiling frog. But now with Obama Part II, more and more people seem to be catching on. Six year-old kids being charged with sexual harassment, or kids being thrown out of school for drawing guns. The cancerous liberal mentality makes us all criminals and racists.

How about racial quotas for discipline in public schools? This is sure to make society stronger & more competitive ~NOT! Create more and better jobs? Try this one, ever heard of the Safety Net Policy where letter grades in schools cannot drop more than 1 letter grade/year? Well it was just extended for another 2 years by the Florida Dept of Education? At many schools 50% is the lowest grade any teacher can give (still a giant big old F where I went to school).  You don’t want to harm their self-esteem after all.

The libs own this because they run the schools. But yes, more and more conservatives are seeing the crap going on in the schools (like allowing transgender students K-12 access to public school bathrooms in California) and pulling their kids out.

Bottom line people cannot sit on the sidelines watching our nation, culture and values deteriorate to an unruly society of the elites (govt & crony capitalists -the 1%) lording over us pagans clawing for whatever crumbs they toss our way. Engage, get involved and do your part or it will soon be gone!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)


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