Another Non-Law Enforcement Federal Agency Acquiring Ammunition

Yep, the latest federal agency preparing to acquire firearms, ammunition & explosives is the U. S. Postal Service. What are they going to do, shoot you if you drive in the out lane of the parking lot?


“On Jan. 31, 2014 the USPS Supplies and Services Purchasing Office posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website asking contractors to register with USPS as potential ammunition suppliers for a variety of cartridges.”

You have to ask yourself WHY? What is the federal government preparing for under our very eyes?ammo

The USPS is not the first federal non-law enforcement agency arming themselves. Since 2001 (national security being the textbook excuse) several agencies have quietly been amassing huge arsenals of weapons, ammo and explosives:

  • The US Dept of Education ($80,000 spent on additional Glock 27 pistols & 100s of other handguns; $17,000 spent on Remington shotguns)
  • The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, NOAA (72,000 rounds of .40 Smith & Wesson)
  • The National Weather (46,000 rounds of .40 caliber jacketed hollow-point ammunition)
  • The Social Security Administration (174,000 rounds of 125 grain .357 SIG hollow point ammunition)

All I can say is WTF is going on right under our nose?

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