How Long It Will Take For The UnJustice Dept and/or The IRS to Confiscate The Recent Gold Find in Calif?

Desperate governments do desperate things. Look at Venezuela, Argentina, Ukraine, Greece (3rd bailout pending), Cyprus, etc. The governments and central banks hurting for more cash (BTW, there will never be enough) all literally on fire or collapsing under economic implosion.

How long will it be before our kleptocratic government of thieves find and confiscate the gold (1,427 coins dating from 1847) found by this couple walking their dog? After all there’s still a lot of redistribution to be done.

Regarding the coming collapse, the US is no different really, they have just been better at disguising what is coming down the pike because they have the media and the other various ‘powers that be’ shilling for them. Consider this:  America once again has breadlines, they’re just in the form of EBT cards. So I’m taking bets. How long will it take the unJustice Dept or the IRS to find these people and free them of their treasure? Will they employ the NSA?

Oh, I’d be careful about selling on Amazon too. Hackers are already busy!

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