What Single Thing Would Go The Farthest Towards Tax Reform & Clean House at The Same Time?

Want to see politicians squirm, and who doesn’t?

Change all state & national election days to April 14th.

How damn long have we been screaming for tax reform? And what do we need to see?

  • Make filing simple enough for a 6th grader to complete on ONE page
  • Make it easier to comply
  • Low tax rates & end double taxation
  • Tax every body; everyone needs skin in the game
  • Squash underground & black market businesses (cash businesses, drugs, guns, etc.)
  • Take away this powerful club used by all politicians (this is how they wield so much power)
  • Make taxation more transparent
  • Require taxes be paid by check quarterly, not deducted from paychecks
  • End all hidden taxes
  • Itemize the amount of taxes paid for every item purchased; product cost + local taxes + state taxes + federal = the price you pay

Yep, this is a simple solution, make all taxes due and payable the day before elections. How long do you think before people would wake-up, rise up, demand and get real tax reform -not to mention get rid of the politicians who try to defend the old way?

Representative Jim Bridenstine has it right. We need to repeal the 16th Amendment (authorizing the income tax) and eliminate the IRS, but short term, changing election day would advance the cause tremendously!

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