What Would You Learn if Your School District Were Audited? It’s Worth Looking Into.

The Hawaii Dept of Education (DOE) has not been audited in years, but education consumes 25% of the general fund in the state budget. I know the DOE is top-heavy, i.e., there are a lot more salary dollars going to admin positions than those with actual student contact. They play their cards close to the chest and really do not want the public to know how well compensated these top-tier paper-pushers are, but here is an egregious example of a case in California:

José is hardworking don’t be so critical. So what if his salary (last year) was $663,000 and he was in charge of only three high schools totaling around 6,500 kids? So what?

  • Is this why kids in our schools don’t have money for schools supplies?
  • Is this why teachers sometimes are under-compensated?
  • Is this the work of unions & politicians in bed with each other?
  • Is this why your state taxes are so high?
  • Is this why kids don’t graduate world-ready?

There are many more options people. Homeschooling is only one of them. There are online high schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private or religious schools and many other choices if you really search them out, which more and more parents are doing.

Here is a great book called The New School:  How the Information Age Will Save American Education from Itself.

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