We Need to Hear Much More of This & Less Perpetuation of Victimhood; If You Want to Impact Poverty Support Marriage and Parental Responsibility

In the absence of fathers in the American home today but especially in the black community, musicians, rappers and pop culture icons and the self-important loonies in Hollywood have way too much influence on the youth in this country. Our President thinks he is making a difference by telling kids he used to get high, but the reality is that he and his administration have done NOTHING to halt the breakdown of the nuclear family in America and particularly in the black community. To the contrary every action the federal government has taken from shutting down charter schools in support of failing schools and teacher’s unions, to pushing food stamps and welfare to massive numbers that embrace the victim mentality -only perpetuates the downfall of the family unit.

The single most important factor in eliminating childhood poverty is supporting marriage and having fathers take responsibility for their children.

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