In Case You Hadn’t Already Figured It Out, The Stock Market is Rigged . . . . And One Guy’s Solution

Yes, most boats are lifted on a rising tide, but main street is still getting screwed. First we’ve had how many years of QE bullcrap, you know the printing of money to juice the economy, which has only devalued our dollar and ballooned food, energy and housing costs. Now add to that high frequency trading (HFT) and it’s a very dangerous game of musical chairs perpetrated by the stock exchanges, the big Wall Street banks and high frequency traders.

So take your money and run! . . . . . while you still can.

BTW, buying airline tickets works the same way on a much smaller scale, but still screwing us every time. One guy has a possible solution. Brad Katsuyama has started a new stock exchange (The Investors Exchange) that puts a few road blocks between the buyer and the HF Trader giants.

And while we’re at it, LIBOR is rigged, treasury & muni actions are rigged and the London Fix is rigged. It’s all banksters & govt in bed to increase or hold on to their own power and make money at any cost -the public be damned.

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