Uncle Tom, Sell-Out or a Black Man Simply Telling The Truth?

I don’t get it. Bill Cosby suffered it when he opined publically that black teen pregancy was way too high and parents were not holding up their end of the deal when they’d buy $500 sneakers but not spring for the $200 to buy ‘Hooked on Phonics’ to give their kids a leg up on their reading skills. He accused poor blacks of not being able to speak English and for dropping out of school at a 50% rate. All true when he said it, but “how dare he”, was the feeling among many of his own race.

Louis Armstrong, the most famous jazz musician of all time was called an Uncle Tom because he played to ‘white only’ audiences during segregation in the South. He also played to ‘black only’ audiences on alternate evenings, but his shows on white nights were much better attended because many blacks at that time felt Armstrong was denigrating their race by performing for whites.

Most recently Stephen A. Smith a commentator on ESPN has been reviled for sticking up for Mark Cuban’s very sensible and honest remarks regarding the prejudices in all of us.

Here’s what Cuban said. Tell me what’s wrong with anything he said.

And I hope you’re used to the sour-puss PC crowd and blacks of all stripes referring to anyone who disagrees with Obama’s policies, as racists because that ain’t over yet. If Killary runs we’ll all be misogynists too, so we just can’t win. Oh and don’t forget the Islamophobes among us. We’re just haters.

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