Pinocchio Does it Again; More Lies from the Imperial President & More Boots on the Ground in Iraq

How long did that fantasy last? You know, the one about NO boots on the ground in Iraq. I’d say less than 2 weeks. Yep according to the Washington Post Obama has authorized another 200 U.S. troops to secure the American Embassy and the International airport in Baghdad bringing the total U.S. deployments to Iraq this month to 775.

I think maybe Bob has it right.

And I say secure the US border, start profiling at airports, revoke expired student visas, deport illegal aliens and let’s get freaking serious about national security, after all it’s the number one job of the federal government. Not free abortions for lame-brains who can’t figure out birth control for themselves, or gay pride parades all over the place. And another thing. Drop leaflets in Spanish all over Mexico, South & Central America telling them we don’t want illegals, we won’t feed them or educate them or provide medical treatment nor welfare.  Get real people.

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