US Taxpayers Funding HAMAS Terror Group via the New Unified Palistinian Authority

What is wrong with this government of ours? Let me count the ways. Okay strike that. There are too many to count, but I do agree with Senator Rand Paul on this:

Let’s quit funding Islamic groups no matter whose side they appear to be on!

How many times have we heard that we’re funding the moderates in this Middle Easter skirmish or another? Too many! And let’s get this straight there are no moderate Islamic groups!

The “new” unified Palestinian Authority includes the terror group Hamas. Why did Hamas join forces with the Palestinian Authority? Because they need money. Who continues to fund the Palestinian Authority? We do! American taxpayers therefore are once again funding our own (and Israel’s) enemies! And now Obama wants to raise taxes for badly needed infrastructure here at home.

According the The Blaze, US foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority stands at $440 million.

And the current rocket scientist masquerading as our Secretary of State, John Kerry says

“The State Dept has no plans to cut off aid and that the US will judge this government by its actions.”

Hey, here’s an idea. Why not judge Hamas on its past behavior (i.e., the goal of wiping out Israel) since we have no reason to believe it will be any different going forward?

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