A Most Worthy Independence Day Topic This 4th of July: Free Andrew Tahmooressi

Hat-tip TheRightScoop.com.

Andrew Tahmooressi, a 25 yr-old decorated U.S. Marine active reservist has served our country with honor and distinction but since making a wrong turn at the Mexican border on March 31st this year, Sgt. Tahmooressi sits in a Mexican jail on bogus gun charges. Just ponder the irony. Bus loads of illegal immigrants, including hundreds of unaccompanied children, drug smugglers and God knows who else are pouring over our border and being dispersed throughout the country to become wards of the state. All encouraged and facilitated by President Obama’s policies and lack of immigration enforcement over the last five and a half years. Meanwhile neither Obama nor the State Dept has done a thing to bring Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi home.

Recall just a couple of weeks ago the Rose Garden affair where Obama praised Army deserter Bowe Bergdahl and fawned over his parents with that stupid grin on his face as Bergdahl’s father prised Allah (in Arabic!). Obama thought this was something great; 5 viscious, murderous Taliban commandos traded for a turncoat, America-hater, yet he hasn’t lifted a finger to free Tahmooressi.

Well I’ve got a prisoner trade in mind (photo credit HC Tub) that I think a lot of Americans could get behind. Let’s get rid of 2 of the biggest criminals we all know and free Andrew Tahmooressi.

Obama & holder in stripesYou can help the cause on this Independence Day by going to AndrewFreedomFund.com. Donate and sign the petition to secure his release.

Do it today. Do it now before you start your 4th of July celebration. He deserves our support.

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