Laura or Bill? Who’s Got it Right? How to Solve Our Immigration Nightmare & Rebuild our National Security

My vote goes to Laura Ingraham. You decide, but due to President Obama’s policies over the last 5+ years of NOT enforcing federal immigration laws and obstructing states from enforcing them we have a massive crisis on our hands.

To sum it up here is what we should do and do it now:

  1. Deport illegal immigrants (a phrase BTW, just banned by Obama!) by the thousands -yes keep those families together -deport them en masse
  2. Stop visas and foreign aid to any country refusing to repatriate their citizens who left to come illegally to America
  3. End birthright citizenship. It’s a magnet
  4. Impose strict penalties on employers who hire illegals
  5. Build walls and fences. They work otherwise the White House would not be fenced
  6. No welfare to any households that house illegals
  7. No bank accounts, rental agreements, driver licenses, etc., for illegals
  8. Require federal, state & local law enforcement to work together and cooperate on ending the illegal immigration problem

Bill’s lame excuse that these measures would spell the end of the Republican party are just that -lame. The Republican party is toast if they don’t implement these measures and PDQ!

Aloha, Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)

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