I Love This Guy! Watch Milton Friedman School a Brainwashed Liberal

Recall if you can what was one of President Obama’s first acts as president shortly after his election? Okay, I know it was a long time ago, so I’ll help you out. He squashed the school voucher program in Washington D.C. During campaign debates he said he was open to vouchers but Obama flip-flopped and joined the Democrats who have always opposed vouchers.

Of course the president sends his girls to private schools as any president would. And it’s not that he doesn’t think school choice wouldn’t be better for the inner city kids of Washington D.C., but the fact of the matter is he cares more about the party line against school choice (they’d rather have victims) and the teacher’s unions than he does about giving these poorer, mostly black kids a leg up in getting a good education.

Listen to Milton Friedman educate this brainwashed liberal on school choice in the black community.

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