What Emergency? Obama’s EMERGENCY Funding for the Border Crisis Only Spends $25 Million This Year

return to senderSenator Jeff Sessions today urged his Senate colleagues to co-sponsor Senator Cruz’ bill stopping Obama’s overreach in his efforts to grant amnesty via executive order to millions of ILLEGAL aliens. The bill requires that we won’t spend any money providing documents to anyone in the country unlawfully as defined by the laws of America.

Session asks his U.S. Senate colleagues:

“Does anybody not respect this institution? Do we not respect the House of Representatives, the United States Senate? Have we gotten so partisan that we don’t care what the president does to diminish Congress? Don’t we have an institutional responsibility, a Constitutional responsibility to defend the legitimate powers of Congress? Sure, we can disagree sometimes, but this one is not a matter of disagreement, it seems to me. This is an overreach of dramatic proportions.”

Of the $3.7 billion in emergency funding (every penny would be borrowed) Sessions points out only $25 million would actually be spent this year. What kind of emergency is that? Sounds like a massive Democratic slush fund to me. In fact, Sessions doesn’t think any funding should be made available unless & until Obama agrees to swear off any more executive orders on immigration.

And while ka-zillionaires Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Sheldon Adelson, whine that we should increase H-1B foreign guest visas, the US Census Bureau reports that nearly 3/4ths of American STEM graduates cannot find work in these fields (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math). This while as many as half of these positions are filled by H-1B foreign guest workers. Microsoft just announced a layoff of 18,000 workers, perhaps so they can hire cheaper foreign workers. How unpatriotic is that?

But somebody is finally doing something about the border situation. Governor Rick Perry is sending the Texas National Guard to the border to shore up the manpower needed there. I hope that the other border state governor will follow suit. Somebody has to do something!

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