These Guys Are Gonna Reduce Our Deficit & Improve Our Economy? -No Way Jose

According to a news report on Drudge M-13 gang members are busy recruiting at US border facilities.

Homeland Security sources told the Daily Mail, that MS-13 and other street gangs have infiltrated the facilities where illegal immigrant minors are staying. And yet Democrats as well as the president have opined that immigration will reduce the deficit and improve our economy. What could they be smoking?

illegals at the border

How is this bunch going to improve our economy?

 The other side of that coin.

  • Legalizing 11 million illegals will generate costs in Medicare & Social Security of $2.5 trillion above any taxes paid
  • 57% of all immigrant households are on at least 1 welfare program
  • Healthcare for illegals is costing Americans over $1 Billion/year
  • Without a source of immigrant low-skill labor, employers would be forced to pay Americans a better wage
  • Roughly one in six illegal immigrants is re-arrested on criminal charges within 3 years of release
  • States are routinely release criminals awaiting deportation due to over-crowding
  • Public schools are over-burdened and saddled with the added cost of trying to educate illegals who are illiterate -even in their own language

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One Response to These Guys Are Gonna Reduce Our Deficit & Improve Our Economy? -No Way Jose

  1. John Green says:

    Deport all illegals back to their homeland. Our nation can not afford these freeloaders. Remember our kids wh tedpen doing the right thing. Tell obama to enforce laws. That is his main job for our safety.

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