From The Mouth of Babes; The Son of Hamas Founder Speaks The Truth

UPDATE since published on July 30th –

The most recent 72 hour ceasefire lasted all of 2 hours and ended with a Hamas ambush assault that resulted in 2 IDF officers killed and one IDF Lt. abducted. This is what Israel is dealing with. SCUM.


You can’t get any more inside that this. Mosab Hassan Yousef is a Palestinian and the eldest son of a HAMAS founder and current leader Sheikh Hassan Yousef. He grew up expecting to become a fighter and was first arrested when he was ten years old and went on to become jailed in Israel several times in the following years. According to Wikipedia, Yousef became doubtful of Islam and Hamas when he realized the brutality of Hamas and how they used the lives of suffering civilians and children to achieve their goals.

While imprisoned in Israel Yousef was shocked by Shin Bet‘s interrogation methods, seeing them as humane compared to how Hamas operatives tortured suspected collaborators. Shin Bet recruited him and he became an agent for Israel. His main goal was to stop violence, suicide bombers and to save innocent children’s blood.

Yousef has since converted to Christianity and moved to California. He requested & was granted political asylum in the US in 2010.

To read Yousef’s story go to Amazon and get Son Of Hamas. And try to forget about all the lies being spewed every night on our mainstream news (especially CNN & MSNBC) about how it’s all Israel’s fault.

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I stand with Israel

I stand with Israel


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