Michele Bachmann: “No One is Stopped When They Come Into the United States!”

Big surprise here; “the bills before Congress don’t stop the problem”. Bachmann points out that we actually have pretty good laws on the books, but the president continues to give lawless direction to Border Security and Immigration.

One of the most amazing things she witnessed last weekend at the border is that


Not by the Border Patrol or anybody else -even when they witness them entering the US by boat, jet ski, swimming or walking over land. Another fact uncovered contrary to what is being reported, is that 80% of those entering the United States illegally are males over 14 years of age.

This means they are either coming to join a gang or to get employment (displacing Americans seeking those opportunities).

Bachmann noted that what needs to be done is:

  • Deport people on the spot
  • Tax remittances (money sent home) heavily
  • Build the fence

Isn’t it too bad Michele Bachmann is finishing her term in Congress and will not seek re-election? It seems she has been so effective in shedding light on the liberal, big spending, lawlessness of the opposition party as well as the hypocrisy of the RINOs that make up most of the Republican party, that it just takes too much time, money & effort to run a re-election campaign. She has decided she can be more effective outside of Congress. Let’s all hope so!

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