Can Our Govt Schools Get Any More STUPID Than This?? The Answer is Most Likely They Will

This version of ‘Show & Tell’ netted 4th grader Ramsey McDonald a 3-day suspension. I ask you, how much worse does it have to get before you stand up and scream, strike down Common Core or just plain take your kids out of government schools?

Miller Elementary School in Warner Robins, Georgia called the fourth graders father, Scott McDonald to tell him his son had brought a weapon to school.

his favorite toy -a Nerf gun

his favorite toy -a Nerf gun

People, pay attention. THIS IS NOT A WEAPON! It’s a toy! And anyone with half a brain knows it. Why ask kids to bring a few of their favorite toys to school if you’re going to suspend them when they do? And BTW shouldn’t 4th graders be a little beyond “Show & Tell”? Like shouldn’t they be learning US History -the real history of the United States, not the revised history where the country was founded by rich white men who were all slave owners? You know critical thinking, math & reading.

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