Lie With Dogs, You May Get Fleas & Your Just Desserts

This from Truth Revolt and I love it! Al Gore and his repulsive partner (any partner of Al Bore would have to be repulsive) are suing Al Jazeera on charges of fraud and material breaches in their acquisition of Current Media. They claim that Al Jazeera has unlawfully refused to turn over tens of millions of dollars currently located in an escrow account. That account is held by Current Media shareholders per the terms of the $500-million merger agreement made in January, 2013. And I say the sleeze-bag ExVP deserves it. As I reported here at the time of the sale, Gore only cares about M-O-N-E-Y as evidenced by his silly climate control cash-cow and his willingness to aid, abet and enable civilian jihad in America and anywhere else he can make a buck.Al Gore breathing fire

At the time of the sale nineteen months ago, Gore was criticized because of Al Jazeera’s perceived anti-American bias and its funding of worldwide terrorism. Other criticism came from the belief that as a leading proponent of the climate change hypothesis, Gore was being hypocritical by selling to a network owned by the Qatar royal family, which generated its vast wealth through the mining and sale of fossil fuels.

An BTW, if you had Current TV in your cable TV line-up before, you now have Al Jazeera thanks to Al Gore who sold his station for $500 million. A true patriot, huh?

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