More Govt Gone Wild; City Prosecutors Using Its Citizens Like ATM Machines

Sort of ironic I’d say that Philadelphia, birthplace of the U.S. Constitution is now the worst offender of the crime of Civil Forfeiture. Federal, state & local government’s egregious behavior of seizing citizens property under very nefarious conditions. Hat-tip Liberty Pen.

In case you missed it in the vid, the city of Philadelphia has seized nearly 1200 homes in the last ten years -exceeding 20 times more than all the counties in PA combined! They seize cash, cars & homes if suspected of being connected in a crime.

Philadelphia in the last decade has collected $64 Million in property proceeds and used over half of that to pay salaries!

This is one of the biggest property rights abuses ever. You have to prove your property was not connected to a crime or you lose your property. There is no assumption of innocence and very little due process. This is what happens when governments (at all levels) and their minions abandon the Constitution.

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