Part 1 of 5 on Common Core. This is Important & Will Impact You, Your Children & Your Pocketbooks and Your Liberty

You may or may not be aware of or even heard of it, but it’s time to sit up and pay attention because Common Core is already here.

Common Core (CC) will strip our states of their Constitutional authority over education. It empowers the federal govt to control school curricula. Taxpayers need to know that CC will lead to required national testing that will incur massive costs to school systems and taxpayers. Parents need to know the massive student-tracking system collects personal identifiable data on students and their families.

Common Core has already been adopted by 45 states & the District of Columbia. The last time a federal standardized curriculum was proposed in 1995 (the national history standards) it was rejected by the US Senate 99/1 because it was deemed too politically correct and anti-American (imagine that).

Who are the drivers of these new nationalized standards & why? The why is that there is a great deal of M-O-N-E-Y to be made at the educational trough. Some of the groups are:

  • a non-profit (ha-ha) group called Achieve Inc. which wrote the standards
  • the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has spent over $100 million
  • two Washington DC based trade associations that provided cover for the drafters of the Common Core standards

Once the Common Core content standards are adopted, they CANNOT be changed by the States. This is unconstitutional and completely undermines our 10th Amendment authority of the States over education. You need to understand what is happening in our government (public) schools and get involved. Go to Stop Common Core.

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