Part 2 of 5 on Common Core; Designed to Produce Students to Become Cogs in the Govt Managed Economic Machine

Both political parties have tried to control education for years but you need to know this is ILLEGAL. Congress has passed 3 federal statutes prohibiting the US Dept of Education from supervising, directing or controlling curriculum.

  1. The General Educations Provisions Act
  2. The Dept of Education Organization Act
  3. The Elementary & Secondary Act of 1965

By pushing Common Core, the Obama Administration is violating all three of these federal statutes. And by committing to Common Core Standards, the states agree to implement the standards WORD-for-WORD. They may not change anything or delete anything and may add content by 15% of that particular content area. This amounts to negligible control or input by parents & taxpayers yet they still pay the bills.

Common Core is owned & copyrighted and if it’s not working in your local schools there is NO ONE you can call to change it. Common Core proponents claim the standards are rigorous & will make our students “college ready” (remember shovel ready??), but in reality they prepare students for community college level at best. Under the math standards, calculus is not even taught anymore which is a basic requirement for any students aspiring to higher education degrees in math or science. Geometry will be taught by an untested, experimental method taught nowhere else in the world. WTF?

There is an overall de-emphasis on studying classical literature instead favoring nonfiction “informational texts” such as government documents, technical manuals, brochures & menus. Huh? Sounds more like they plan to pump out a steady stream of govt workers and waitresses. The philosophy is not to over-educate students but to have them become cogs in the government managed economic machine.

Common Core is being pushed as the magic bullet to cure all of our education problems but those who promote this rigid national scheme are doing our students and our society no favors.

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