Compare & Contrast: Obama Says They’re JV Wanna Bees, Michelle Bachmann Says Join ISIS & Lose Your Passport & Citizenship

It’s a shame the libtards have driven Michele Bachmann out of the House and she has declined to run for reelection next term, but she certainly is no lame duck. That’s right while Obama is preparing to give his big speech tonight on prime time (get ready for a long list of what he’s not going to do) and lying about his “JV moment”, Representative Michele Bachmann who sits on the House Intelligence Committee has introduced legislation that says if an American joins up with or affiliates or fights with ISIS or any other terrorist organization they will lose their passports and be denaturalized -lose their citizenship. As it should be! Take a look:

Use this link to contact your House & Senate leaders to urge them to support the Terrorist Denaturalization and Passport Revocation Act, H.R. 5408 . . . . and close our southern border!

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