Part 4 of 5 Stop Common Core; Charter Schools, Private Schools & Home Schoolers ALL Affected

What good is it to have a hundred different restaurants if they all have to serve Italian food? This is exactly what Common Core is doing with our schools. If your state has school choice vouchers your schools will be required to adopt Common Core Standards. Catholic schools & private schools will be scooped up too as the creators of Common Core Standards testing have moved on to college AP & SAT testing. Private school students and homeschoolers to gain acceptance into colleges & universities will be forced to throw in the towel and lower their standards to the Common Core State Standards. This is insidious and all-encompassing. You cannot escape it.

I’ll say it again. Get informed! If you have kids or grandkids in school find out what is being taught! Look at their text books. If you have kids or grandkids studying to become teachers make them aware that they might not enjoy their chosen profession as it is taken over by the federal govt and other controlists.  Ask questions and be prepared to be surprised! And then you must join the fight. GET RID OF COMMON CORE!

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