Now This is my Kind of Market!

UPDATE:  Since publishing this post I have learned that mercat  is not the modernized version of mercado, but the word for market in Catalan.

The last time we traveled in Spain they called them ‘mercados’ -markets, or ‘mercado municipal’ but it looks like that’s been modernized to Mercat  now and this particular one in Barcelona ten minutes walk from our apartment is the Mercat Boqueria.  It makes no difference what they call it, it’s where everyone, locals and tourists by the boatload go to shop, eat, drink and meet their friends. It opens at 9 AM and goes all day till 9 PM, though some stall owners may wrap things up for a few hours between around 1-3 during the unofficial siesta time, most do not.


There’s not much I can think of that you cannot buy or consume on the spot in the way of food. All of it plentiful, colorful and very fresh so it’s where we went on our 2nd day in town to stock up on foodstuffs for our stay here. These are some of the items we picked up:  two kinds of fresh lechuga (lettuce), tomatoes, cucumbers, a GIANT red pepper, onions, limes, olive oil, some cheese, fresh baked bread, and a dozen huge eggs. Oh yes, Mickey got some salami. I don’t know what kind but they’re happy to cut off sample bites until you like what you taste, which I also did when selecting a cheese. They lady sort of laughed at me when I chose a cow’s cheese over sheep cheese because they like a more gamey taste than many Americans.2719181-Bar_Boqueria_Barcelona But they eat a lot of things I would never, ever consider. I mean we saw chicken feet, skinned rabbits, all kind smelly fish, various assorted organs, brains and who knows what else! But

 once your shopping is complete you can belly up to any of a couple bars right inside the market and get an ice cold beer or a drink of any kind, or a coffee with a fresh baked pastry. They have something for everyone! Trip Advisor even recommends and reviews a place called El Quim where you can get breakfast, lunch or dinner -and it’s rated #116 out of 6,063 restaurants in Barcelona!


 Like I said, this is my kinda joint!

ALOHA,  Mikie ~just a blogger (fightin’ like a girl)


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