I Don’t Know Why But Some Foods Just Taste So Different ~And Better

How to explain that patato chips taste so much better here in Spain that you cannot keep your hands outta that bag? I guess you could say we’re obcessed with food, we’re ‘foodies’ or more likely we’re just little piggies. It is what it is. Patatas fritas are potato chips fried in none other than olive oil called ‘Autenticas Caseras‘ (patato chips in the traditional style). YUM!2014-09-28-15-01-03--1737027287

Or this is what our lunch looked like today after getting caught in the rain while wandering the narrow streets of the old town in Barcelona where our apartment is.IMG_20140928_131323_763

Boquerones (which Mickey compares to what he knew as smelt or whitefish where he grew up), patatas bravas (cubes of fried potatoes with a smattering of hot sauce squirted on top, and the standard seaside standby, fried calamari. A couple of cold ones and you’re back on the road?


I still can’t get over the eggs.

They stand up so bright orange and firm and they’re delicious. I think too much of our food at home is mass-produced, harvested too soon, shipped too far And stored tool  long before Iit reaches the consumer. FU *K ConAgra, Monsanto and all the rest of the mega food producers, we want out food to taste good and be good for us. Enough is enough!

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2 Responses to I Don’t Know Why But Some Foods Just Taste So Different ~And Better

  1. screamingkona says:

    The Flan is the best!!! And the “tortilla ” mmmmm miss Spain! Did you try “aranche” ? It is a tomato like salsa that you dip onion and bread pieces in to eat ! Mmm We lived in Rota for 5 yes and loved it! Gaylene

    • Mikie says:

      Hey Gaylene- have not seen aranche yet but will look. Much search out a flan too. By the time I get to dessert there’s never any room.

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