A Thousand Steps to Gaudi-dom

Starting with the 84 steps from our apartment (yep, 4 flights up and no elevator!) then we take the Hop-on, Hop-off bus which nearly every tourist city has. They’re two-tiered with the upper level open so you can see the tops of the great big, old beautiful buildings. The HOHO hits all the major attractions of the city and you can get on & off at any of the many stops whenever you like. The 2-day consecutive ticket for our age bracket, and a little negotiating discuento was €54.00 for the both of us which may seem a lot @ 1.27$/euro but not when you consider the miles covered, the HOHO convenience vs taxis all over the place, it’s a no-brainer.


Okay I know Gaudi-dom is not a word but it maybe should be. Antonio Gaudi was a force majuer in the shaping of Barcelona’s architecture not only during his life (1852-1918) but for years and years afterward. He had a vision and a fascination for organic shapes and form. He busted out of the design mold that buildings could only be composed of shapes drawn by a compass and a T-square. Things like ocean waves, animal vertebrae,  leaves, branches, muscles and tendons, things found in nature became his inspiration. If you didn’t know better, one may suspect a little psychedelic assistance too.


We visited four of his most well known creations climbing hundreds of stairs, up and down and around inside and outside Gaudi’s work;  La Pedera, a World Heritage site, built as a private residence & apartment block, Casa Batllo, an upmarket home designed for a wealthy aristocrat and Park Guell, a garden city designed for housing but only 2 buildings were ever completed. Guadi lived in one of them himself for 20 years, which today stands as a museum. 

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