Palau Musica Catalana; Sometimes The Venue Is The Show!

Less than 500 meters (see how I’ve slipped right into that metric system?) from our temporary quarters here in the old town (Ciutat Villa) is the absolutely stunning and beautiful Palau de Musica Catalan, one of the world’s extraordinary music halls. And it’s not hard to see why it’s another of those UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The ticket window alone is a trip.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAbarcelona-musica-catalana-mosaic-columnsPalau_de_la_Música_-_des_de_l'escenaripalau-musica-5 Add to that the columns, various sculptures (busts of Palestrina, Bach, Beethoven and Wagner) and the polychrome-ceramic color & lights EVERYWHERE inside and out and it’s a veritable feast for the senses, and this is before the music starts.

Believe it or not this venue was conceived by the musical society, Orfeo Catala as a way to bring music down to a more popular level, as opposed to the Liceu Opera House which catered to the often Castilian speaking aristocracy across town.

Raimundo, our landlord at the apartment suggested that we buy tickets to one of the offered performances instead of just taking the guided tour to get a “two-fer” so to speak, seeing a show while at the same time getting inside for an up-close and personal look. On hindsight however I think the guided tour may have been better because the available performance was a combination, Opera y Flamenco and neither of us being opera or flamenco aficionados, much of it was lost on us.

There was a lot of floor pounding, twists and turns but even the costuming seemed compromised as it leaned more toward the opera than the typical tight-fitting and sexy stylishness more common to flamenco. And the opera part pfft- fagaddaboutit!

 Yes, in this case the venue was the show!

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