Is This a Sick Way to Downsize the Military or Just More Government Incompetence?

Trained medical people, in this case now two health care workers in Dallas have been contaminated and come down with Ebola despite the assurances given by the Prez and Tommy Frieden, head of the CDC that it is very unlikely that this deadly virus is something to worry about here in the United States. Now there are reports that the dreaded virus may spread by airborne particles. The 2nd victim, Amber Vinson, 29, a nurse at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital flew on a commercial airline to Ohio on Frontier Airlines with a temperature of 99.5.

You got that?? She’d had extensive contact with Thomas Duncan and was exposed to Ebola so she was undergoing self-monitoring and decided to fly on a commercial plane. Now the CDC (getting busier by the minute) wants to interview the 132 fellow passengers on the plane with her.screw up

So what does the commander-in-chief decide to do? He’s sending up to 4,000 uniformed military personnel to West Africa to the belly of the Ebola beast! What is this, a sick, cute way to downsize the military he hates so much?? This is not their job. They are NOT trained for this mission.

When you consider that there are only four biohazard isolation units suitable for Ebola patients in the entire United States with a total bed capacity of nineteen, this is terrifying. What happens to our service personnel when they come down with the disease. Will they have to go a-wall to get out of West Africa and hope to get into one of these coveted few biohazard isolation beds?

This is nuts and still they refuse to close and secure the southern border and ban flights from West Africa. As my mother used to tell us kids, “They must have been standing behind the door when the brains were handed out!” So fracking clueless.

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One Response to Is This a Sick Way to Downsize the Military or Just More Government Incompetence?

  1. Sandy says:

    When I called the DC office of Tulsi Gabbard and Brian Schatz to voice my opinion of sending our Military to Africa, their staff could barely bring themselves to listen to me, they were indifferent and barely above rude. The staff person in the office of Mazie Hirono listened to me and showed interest in my reasons for not sending our soldiers.

    I find it troubling that Tulsi Gabbard does not have phone contact in Honolulu and when messages are left, calls are not returned.

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