The Crème de la Crème Has Soured

The soufflé has fallen. It’s supposed to be the best of the best. Healthcare in the United States clearly once was the best in the world. We might have the know-how, but due to regulations and gatekeepers that ranking may no longer hold. But few would argue that we once had something in the Centers for Disease Control.

So what happened? I’ll venture a guess. It got too big and it tries to do too much. It’s just another bloated bureaucracy of thousands in our federal government. The CDC is supposed to focus national attention on developing and applying disease control and prevention just as the name implies. According to Michelle Maukin, the CDC has turned into the Centers for everything but disease control.

The CDC are just Govt fat-cats wasting taxpayer money

The CDC are just Govt fat-cats wasting taxpayer money

And in true lib-tard fashion, the answer to the problem is always more money. Yet they have squandered massive government subsidies (on the backs of taxpayers) on everything but their core mission. Consider these:

Mandatory motorcycle helmet laws. Another nanny state project. Director Dr. Frieden appointed a 15-member “Community Preventive Task Force” extending the agency’s reach into transportation safety. Is riding a Harley a disease? Why is this the CDC’s business?

Video & TV violence. $10 million last year was spent to study this obviously with the idea to further curb our 2nd Amendment rights. Why is this the CDC’s business?

Playground Equipment. The CDC has funded 13 Injury Centers and funded countless studies to prevent boo-boos and accidents on the nation’s playgrounds. Why is this the CDC’s business?

‘Social Norming’ in the schools, whatever the hell that means. The CDC has funded numerous studies and campaigns promoting positive community norms and safe, stable, nurturing relationships in homes & schools. Why is this the CDC’s business?

As Michelle Maukin notes,

“Too bad some of those big bucks can’t be earmarked to find a cure for bureaucratic obesity and a vaccine for mission creep.”

Oh and by the way, the CDC budget has not been cut. At $7 billion, the Centers for Disease Control 2014 budget is nearly 200% bigger now than it was in 2000. The Republicans (who rarely saw a budget increase they’d vote against) actually approved CDC funding increases in Jan of this year larger than what President Obama requested.

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