We’ve Got to Start Holding Govt & The Police Accountable And Here Is How You Do It.

The crux of the video is at about the 4:15 mark, but you really should watch the entire thing. I might add that the behavior of both the police officer and the citizen was stellar. I can imagine a way different outcome had the citizen been an in your face kinda guy or if the police officer reacted defensively or belligerently. Take a look.

The message is impactful. This video was posted 5 days ago and already has nearly half a million views. The take-away is simple.

“We the People are the sentinels of liberty. We have to hold the government and the police accountable. We see this lawlessness all across the country where government and police feel they are above the law and, they are not. We can’t allow it. We the People must hold them accountable to the law.”

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