America’s Leadership Keeps Doubling Down on STUPID!

As radical Islam marches closer and closer to achieving their goal in the Western world the US, Canada, the UK are starting to get it. Three deadly attacks in North America in less than a week ought to tell us something.

These Islamic pigs are resourceful, they are ready to die and they are HERE! They will use whatever means available to them. In the Quebec attack some whack-job ran 2 uniformed police officers down with a car killing one and seriously injuring the other. In the 2nd attack in Ottawa, Jihad Joe had a gun and he killed one and injured several others at the Canadian Parliament. Maybe the most unexpected happened yesterday in New York City when the terrorist attacker went after a group of NYPD uniformed cops with a hatchet!

Wild Bill very succinctly nailed it and sometimes I wonder just what it will take until Obama and the rest of the leftist, PC morons in America, Canada, the UK and Europe quit trying to dress it up, apologize for it and put lipstick on it? How many more beheadings, hatchet attacks and the like, must we endure before they close & secure the border, profile who they know are responsible for these attacks, plant moles in the mosques and basically just get serious?

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