Blacks Crying for Some Tea Party Relief in The Inner City

Too bad these men can’t afford some TeeVee time!

A few of the downtrodden in the inner cities are starting to see the light. While the prez keeps screaming about how immigration reform will pay down the deficit and improve the economy and hollerin’ about minimun wage, these people just want jobs.

Illegals are going to make life much worse for black minorities. The government types & the Democratic party are abusing the blacks.

“They only come around when it’s time for election. All they can offer us is abortion on demand. All we see is our elected officials driving around in new cars.”

The message: VOTE WISELY and stop all this abuse on blacks by the Democratic Party.

Let’s hope this message catches on!

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One Response to Blacks Crying for Some Tea Party Relief in The Inner City

  1. John Green says:

    Trust your heart and budget and don’t vote for any democrats!! Jobs can save your life!!

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