“Voter Fraud Simply Does Not Exist” . . . . . Pronounced Eric Holder

We need to go back to an election day. No early voting. No early walk-in voting. No absentee ballots. No Sunday voting and certainly no same-day voter registration voting (as was passed by the 2014 Hawaii legislature to take effect in 2018).

La Raza, the biggest pro-amnesty group promotes voter fraud with maps showing the 20 states requiring NO voter ID

La Raza, the biggest pro-amnesty group in the country promotes voter fraud with maps showing the 20 states requiring NO voter ID

Call me racist, call me impractical, call me anything you wish but Eric Holder is a lying racist (the only Attorney General ever held in contempt of Congress) with a chip on his shoulder and his own agenda. Here are just a few examples.

But back to voter fraud. The more extended the voting the more opportunity for malfeasance. Politicians or their henchmen will stop at nothing to secure an election win. Witness the recent old guard Republicans smearing other Republicans (conservatives and Tea Party types who threaten their power hold) in the primary contests by race-baiting in black neighborhoods. Democrats rely on the black vote (and are rewarded 90% of the time regardless of the merits of the candidate), and Democrats favor amnesty to secure the Hispanic vote. But just how does voter fraud work?

  • Voting from the pews. Pastors in numerous churches in the South encourage congregations to get absentee ballots and then help them complete those ballots.
  • In same-day registration the votes are counted on election day, but the actual registration is not verified until after the election (whoops).
  • Campaign workers routinely register the elderly in old folks homes, with the same result as voting from the pews.
  • Unions are famous for rounding up drunks, derelicts and anyone capable of pulling a lever, packing them into buses to go vote for a free meal or a few bucks
  • Voting by mail is easily compromised by sending low paid staffers around to intercept the mail
  • Unions also strong-arm their own members into voting the union line (always Democrat)
  •  Many illegal aliens have drivers licenses. So even in states requiring photo IDs, these illegal aliens easily register and vote, and who do they vote for?  Why of course, Santa Claus!

I predict some of the 2014 senatorial races will not be decided on election day because the races are so close. You can bet the 1-3% interference attributed to voter fraud will make a difference.

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One Response to “Voter Fraud Simply Does Not Exist” . . . . . Pronounced Eric Holder

  1. Sandy says:

    It is imposslible for me not to cry over voter fraud. It is the poster child for the decay of our social system in the United States.

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