Where No Other Republican Dare Go

Here are some refreshing views from a very likely 2016 presidential contender.

Recall that Rand Paul is really the only Republican that routinely & purposefully ventures into the black community (Detroit, Atlanta and Ferguson, Chicago and Louisville) despite all the empty blather after getting their arses whipped again in 2012, and before he’s even declared his candidacy for 2016. This doesn’t mean he’s my guy, but the establishment GOP needs to get the message and soon!

If the Republicans don’t pull in Libertarians, blacks and hispanic citizens (and pretty damn quick) based on liberty, reducing government in our lives and supporting free market principles (not crony capitalism!), they are gonna lose again in 2016 and we’ll be stuck with the lying, fat bit*h Hillary. So please get busy Republicans and take care of business ~and don’t even think of putting up that loser Romney or another Bush!

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