Are You In Favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment? Term Limits? . . . . Then You’re In Favor of The Convention of States

Raise your hand if you think Congress is ever going to pass term limits. Yes, the same Congress that has for the last 6 years 100 years sat back while the progressives (affectionately knows as the ‘progs’) have systematically destroyed our country. Congress is not going to do anything to limit the growth of government. Nor are they ever going to reign in federal spending or federal over-reach, or the illegitimate 4th branch of government (the unelected federal bureaucracy).

Our founders, the mostly chubby, old and yes -white guys (get over it!) with funny hairdos purposefully wrote into the US Constitution (2 weeks before the end of the Constitutional Convention spearheaded by George Mason) a provision specifically giving ‘We the People’ a way to overcome a tyrannical federal government.

So even if you don’t know it, if you are in favor of term limits and a balanced budget amendment you are in favor of an Article V Convention of States. Give it a look.

Given the public’s discontent with both parties in Washington and how it works, (think Gruber); for themselves and against the People, and given the ground-swell of conservatives recently elected (governors, Congressmen & Senators) the momentum is with us. Learn more about it and sign up to volunteer at

The governors do not have to approve of the applications and once 34 applications are received Congress cannot stop the convention and has NO SAY in how it is run, the amendments put forth or anything else. But do be assured they will fight it and try to demonize it because it puts them on notice “We the People” are not going to take it any more! Florida, Georgia & Alaska have already passed the Convention of States application in their legislatures. 3 down, 31 to go!

Remember, as government grows the stature of the citizens is diminished.

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3 Responses to Are You In Favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment? Term Limits? . . . . Then You’re In Favor of The Convention of States

  1. Anonymous says:

    Convention of States makes it easy to make a difference, just sign the new petition at .

  2. screamingkona says:

    Do you really think Hawaii Could get it together?? Really? They deserve what they voted for…insanity! To much corruption and greed and nobody wants to give up the ” mothers” milk!


    • Mikie says:

      No, but this takes it out of Congress’ hands -it will be up to the people and we gotta at least try. Otherwise why bother to vote any more? I go through that dilemna every election in Hawaii where I’m pretty sure they think Obama walks on water, but I cannot give up without the fight!

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