I’m Guessing Neither Eric Holder Nor Barry Obama Got The Memo

Because these two racists are just the typical type looking for somebody else to blame.

Not only are both the Attorney General and the President poking their nose in places they have no business, playing both the race card and the blame game (again), they now want to federalize police forces in America buying cameras and mandating best practices police policies at the municipal level all over the county. The federal government has no business in our local police departments. Of course should the Congress deny this request they are racist!

And if you think these so-called ‘best practices’ policies are going to make our streets or our policemen or the communities safer, you are dead wrong. Just think of the rules of engagement which has hog-tied our military men and women (with an increasing fatal casualty county) to the point they have to wait until the enemy fires on them before they can do their jobs.

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