Let’s Be Honest; NYPD Choking of Eric Garner Was Excessive Use of Force

It’s too bad the Ferguson clusterf**k has tainted the New York City case because the ‘hands up, don’t shoot’ meme is asinine and disingenuous by all who are repeating it including most of the media, the Al Sharptons and his look-alikes, Obama & Holder and the NFL football players, and especially the Congressional Black Caucus! But there is very little reason to say the treatment Eric Garner received at the hands of the New York City Police for selling cigarettes!!!!! . . . . was not over and beyond excessive. He should not have died and it is hard to imagine how the grand jury did not indict the police officer.

Choke-hold or no, how many times did he say “I can’t breathe”? Eleven? Something like that, maybe more, maybe nine or ten, but certainly enough times that they should have backed off. Garner’s family and friends, and those who have been crying wolf in the Ferguson case have a righteous cause in this brutality case.

And maybe taxes in New York are too high. Maybe the behemoth federal and state governments have too much say in our lives. What do you think?

BTW, I do not think this was a racial thing either. It was police brutality, pure and simple. It seems Governor Cuomo has issued the word to crack down on those selling untaxed cigarettes. Garner was selling “loosies” individual smokes to those who cannot afford the high taxes. It’s a favorite of centralized government -get you addicted to something then tax it to death and this may be just what happened here. And who do the police work to serve? The state or the citizen?

There’s no question, this is a volatile issue, but it’s NOT a racial issue.

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One Response to Let’s Be Honest; NYPD Choking of Eric Garner Was Excessive Use of Force

  1. screamingkona says:

    Sorry , if you look closely he has an arm around his neck AND arm….. Then he releases it ….I am sorry I want my husband to come home safe after his shift ! This Crum should of complied with the officers He chose NOT to …. I DARE anyone to take the test, pass and put on the uniform and walk the walk……. The officers hear the Crums whine all the time about can’t breath… Too tight… I have a bad arm….to Fn bad ! My family deserves their Dad home after his shift of protecting the public …and enforcing the laws that “the public voted for! No sympathy here! ( just for the officers and their family) Gaylene My husband’s job is to protect your a&& not kiss it!

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